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Agendas & Speakers   

Top runners in government, government, industry, industry, and academia who are active on the front lines


2009-2011 Host/MC: Yumi Sato

1st Future Foreign Policy              

・Minister of Foreign Affairs Taro Aso
・Mr. Shinji Inoue, member of the House of Representatives

Part 2 National Strategy of the Democratic Party 

・Mr. Shu Watanabe, State Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications

Part 3: Birth of China, a huge aging nation

・CSIS Researcher Keisuke Nakajima

Part 4 Fiscal reconstruction and national reconstruction

・Mr. Kenji Tamura, Parliamentary Vice-Minister of Finance

No. 5 Learning from the UK in terms of conceptual ability

・National Strategy Office Mr. Hideki Takada

Part 6: National revitalization learned from business revitalization

・PWC Advisory Partner/JAL

Revitalization Task Force member Tomoo Tasaku

Part 7: Japan’s revitalization from Kasumigaseki and the business world

・Aoyama Shachu CEO Ichiro Asahina

No. 8 ① The future of the reconstruction economy and agriculture

   ②The current state of nuclear power plants

・Mr. Akio Shibata, Representative of Marubeni Economic Research Institute

・Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Taro Kitago

year 2012

No. 9 Integrated reform of tax and social security (consumption tax edition)

・Ministry of Finance Hideki Takada

10th Integrated Reform of Tax and Social Security (Social Security Edition) 

・Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Ayano Kunimitsu (current member of the Diet)
・Minacare CEO Yuji Yamamoto
・Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Mr. Toshio Miyata

No. 11: Reality and challenges of reconstruction 

・Mr. Sosuke Tanaka, Reconstruction Agency

No. 12: Current status of China and future of Asia

・Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Mr. Daisuke Iida

No. 13 Global hypercompetition and Japan's national strategy

・AT Carney Japan Representative Takaaki Umezawa

No. 14 Japan's national strategy and TPP

・Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Hiroshi Hiraizumi

No. 15 Future national finance

・Mr. Taiichiro Tomiyasu, Ministry of Finance


No. 16 National Finance and Abenomics 

・Professor at Kaetsu University, Counselor at the Cabinet Office (Special Mission to the Economic and Fiscal Policy Council)

Mr. Yoichi Takahashi (Former Ministry of Finance)

No. 17 National finance and anti-Abenomics

・Associate Professor, Keio University Business School

Mr. Tsumi Obata (former Ministry of Finance)

No. 18 Prescription for Japan's revitalization

・Morgan Stanley MUFG Chief Economist/TV Tokyo World Business Satellite Commentator

Mr. Robert Feldman

No. 19 Future prospects of African business development and ODA 

・Mr. Akio Shibata, Representative of the Institute for Resources and Food Issues

20th Abenomics and agriculture

・Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Policy Division Director Takashi Amaba


21st Abenomics and medical strategy

・Toshio Miyata, Assistant Director, Medical Strategy Office, Cabinet Secretariat, Specially Appointed Professor, Kyoto University

No. 22 Home medical care and medical ICT

・Integrity Healthcare Chairman and Representative Director/ Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Information Policy Advisor Mayuke Muto

23rd Agricultural Cooperative Reform and Future Agriculture Part 1

・Mr. Norikazu Suzuki, Member of the House of Representatives

No. 24 Japan’s finances and post-2020 economic forecasts

・Yojiro Kunitomo, Managing Director, Goldman & Sachs (formerly of the Ministry of Finance)

No. 25 Cool Japan and NexTokyo   

・AT Kearney Japan Chairman Takaaki Umezawa

No. 26 Super-Aging Society and Healthcare Industry  

・Mr. Yoshihide Ezaki, Director of Healthcare Industry Division, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry


No. 27 What will happen to the Japanese economy with FinTech?

・Fujitsu Executive Officer Mr. Izumi Nagahori
・GE Capital Japan CEO Seiji Abuchi
・Folio CEO Shinichiro Kai
・Financial Services Agency Hitoshi Kume, Junichi Kanda 

No. 28 Negative interest rates and the Japanese economy

・Nobuyasu Yoshioka, Director of the Bank of Japan

・Mr. Tsumi Obata, Associate Professor, Keio University Business School

29th Social Finance and SIB

(Social Impact Bond)

・Cabinet Office Counselor Naoki Okamoto
・Mr. Shigeru Fujita, Social Investment Promotion Office, Nippon Foundation
・Keio University Associate Professor Takeshi Ito 

No. 30 Agricultural cooperative reform and future agriculture, Part 2

・Mr. Norikazu Suzuki, Member of the House of Representatives

No. 31: Post-Trump world trade system

・Mr. Kazumi Nishikawa, Director of Trade Strategy Office, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry


32nd SDGs x Business  

・Mr. Kotono Hara, Chief Executive Officer, Global Issues Management Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
・Resona Bank, 2025 Japan Expo Bid Committee Mr. Naoto Nakajima

No. 33 SDGs x Intellectual Property

・Mr. Takayuki Sumita, Director-General, Intellectual Property Strategy Promotion Bureau, Cabinet Office


No. 34 SDGs x Finance

・Mr. Toshihide Endo, Commissioner of the Financial Services Agency

Published by Thomson Reuters 

No. 35 Expanded SDGs

Society5.0 × Education that creates innovation

・Mr. Masahiko Shibayama, Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

No. 36 SDGs x Maas and autonomous driving

・Mr. Yukihiro Esaka, Deputy Director-General, Automobile Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
・Mr. Keiji Kuramochi, Director, Comprehensive Policy Division, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

・Associate Professor, University of Tokyo, Chairman of Tier Four, Mr. Shinpei Kato

37th 2025 Osaka Expo and Super City

・Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry 2025 International Expo 

                  General Coordinator Yasushi Iwata
・Cabinet Office Regional Revitalization Officer

                  Counselor Hiroshi Nagayama 

No. 38 Healthcare and Health Management 
・Hideki Makihara, State Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry
・Mr. Satoshi Imamura, Vice President of the Japan Medical Association, Public Interest Incorporated Association
・Nobuki Ando, Chairman of the Board of Directors, National Health Insurance Association
・Mr. Kazumi Nishikawa, Director, Healthcare Industry Division, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
・FINC Technologies Chairman Fumio Norimatsu
・Specially Appointed Professor at Tokyo Medical and Dental University ・TV Tokyo World Business Satellite Commentator
Mr. Robert Feldman 


November 5, 2020

Roundtable discussion to commemorate the launch of the Well Aging Economic Forum Vol. 1

Congratulatory address: Mr. Katsunobu Kato, Chief Cabinet Secretary (telegram)

■Super-aging society vision proposal

                           Mr. Norikazu Suzuki

Bank of Japan  Director                      Nobuyasu Yoshioka

Mr. Takayuki Sumita, Advisor to Sumitomo Corporation and former Director-General of Intellectual Property Strategy Bureau, Cabinet Office

All Japan Association Kenpo Chairman      Nobuki Ando

Cabinet Office Deputy Director                       Mr. Taiichiro Tomiyasu

Mr. Kazumi Nishikawa, Director, Information Industry Division, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry            

■One word video

                   Mr. Masahiko Shibayama

Mr. Masashi Adatsu, Advisor to the Prime Minister and Member of the House of Councilors

Chairman of Commons Investment Trust                 Ken Shibusawa

Embassy of Finland             Mr. Kimura

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Embassy of Japan in London, Ms. Kotono Hara

■Super-aging society✖️Medical care

Mayuke Muto, Chairman of Integrity Healthcare


■Super-aging society✖️Innovation

CIC Tokyo Chairman Takaaki Umezawa

■Super-aging society✖️Autonomous driving

Tier Four Chairman Shinpei Kato

■Super-aging society✖️Intellectual property

Kazunari Sugimitsu, Professor, Kanazawa Institute of Technology

■Super-aging society✖️Economy

Mitsubishi FUJ Morgan Stanley Bank

Chief Economist Robert Feldman

(2013 extra edition)

Extra edition - Keidanren Breakfast Meeting Planning
Planning a breakfast meeting with Myanmar government dignitaries and Japanese ministers and vice ministers

・Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Mr. Yoshimasa Hayashi

・Mr. Shinji Inoue, Deputy Minister of the Environment

・Mr. Hirotoshi Takagi, Member of the House of Representatives

・Mr. Kazuo Maeda, member of the House of Representatives, and others




Medical, welfare, food, agriculture collaboration ministry-agency collaboration study session

Although it is part of the national strategy, collaboration between medicine, welfare, food, and agriculture is slow to progress. We regularly hold study sessions within government offices that aim to break down the silos between ministries and agencies and work together to create better policies and commercialization.

Moderator Sato


Policy Roundtable Extra Edition

~Launch of corporate power improvement project

Public-private discussions on national issues and challenges in promoting corporate innovation, and various policies, deregulation, and infrastructure development to promote the activities and growth of venture companies (currently called startups) that support the Japanese economy. We plan to create a place to promote this.

We had an open discussion at the ANA Continental Sky Lounge with 150 people from multiple sectors, including business leaders (industry), politicians, the business world, academia, government offices, etc. who will be responsible for Japan's future.

・Ken Shibusawa, Chairman of Commons Investment Trust

・AT Kearney Japan Representative Mr. Takaaki Umezawa

・Crosspoint Advisory Partner Hiroshi Nomiya

Theme: Conditions for improving corporate power

   ・Moderator Sato

■ 2010 Society for Energizing Japan with Intellectual Property 

As a former Patent Office bureaucrat in charge of the IP Nation Project at the Prime Minister's Office and a former Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology bureaucrat, I planned and launched the ``Society to Energize Japan with Intellectual Property.''

With the aim of managing and disseminating intellectual property, we held a volunteer study session with IP experts, including Professor Kazunari Sugimitsu, a leading intellectual property expert, professor at KIT, and senior researcher at the University of Tokyo's Future Vision Center. ​

■2010 2030VISON “Food and Energy – Agricultural Policy” Speaker: Sato

It is no exaggeration to say that agriculture is made of oil. Energy costs account for half of vegetable prices, including greenhouse, tractor fuel, transportation costs, and packaging costs. He gave lectures from the perspectives of consumers who choose to avoid oil, how agriculture should be done in consideration of the environment and climate change, and green consumers, and then had a discussion with the participants.

■Rotary “Laws of manners that motivate people ① Techniques for controlling people’s hearts for big politicians” Lecture 2008

■Rotary “Laws of etiquette for motivating people ② Techniques for controlling people’s hearts for big politicians” Lecture 2009

Speaker: Sato

Secretaries do not quit working in the offices of big politicians. Through examples and philosophies of how to deal with juniors in factions, how to deal with secretaries, and consideration, he demonstrated techniques that can be applied to business by business owners and managers with subordinates.

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