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Public-private policy roundtable
​        since2009

The fusion of intelligence and great aspirations to create a better society
Generate new policies and innovation.

What will Japan eat in the future? What kind of future society will we inherit for the next generation? What kind of actions and rule-making are necessary for this purpose?

Ever since the OS, which was created in Japan in the 1980s, was standardized by US policy, there has been no end to technological developments and social changes associated with the informationization, globalization, and borderlessness of the world.

 INTEGRACE has been conducting public-private policy roundtable discussions since 2009, when the assumptions from the era of high economic growth, which were said to be the lost 20 years, were beginning to crumble. We have started and continue to hold a voluntary association with volunteers (by invitation only).  

Integrate (integrate-grace:Based on the concept of "fusion of knowledge and ambition", we welcome front-line speakers each time according to the agenda, ranging from experts from parliamentarians, government officials, academics, media, non-profit organizations, global companies, startups, think tanks, to students and housewives. , knowledge and information is shared and discussed in a flat manner, transcending party lines, sectors, generations, and positions, and is useful for policy planning, public-private partnership projects, and improving political literacy.  

While responding to accelerating changes, new innovation and culture will be born from the fusion of knowledge and aspirations of government, government, private industry, and academia, leading to a rich and fulfilling lifestyle for each individual, and moving towards a sustainable society and the world. I sincerely hope that.

Policy round table and forum pick up

Roundtable discussions held in the past Pick Up

Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Mr. Masahiko Shibayama×  Education that creates innovation


We welcomed Masahiko Shibayama, then Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and held the 35th Public-Private Policy Roundtable on the theme of the expanded version of SDGs Society 5.0 × Education that generates innovation.

Already held in 2019

Financial Services Agency Commissioner, Toshihide Endo × Financial administration and SDGs


The 34th Public-Private Policy Roundtable on the theme of “SDGs x Finance” with Mr. Toshihide Endo, then Commissioner of the Financial Services Agency, as a guest.

Already held in 2019

Taro Aso, Minister of Foreign Affairs × Future foreign policy
with House of Representatives member Shinji Inoue



The first public-private policy roundtable was held for students, inviting Taro Aso, then Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Shinji Inoue, a member of the House of Representatives. Theme: “Future foreign policy”

Already held in 2009

  Norikazu Suzuki, member of the House of Representatives ✖️ Proposals for a super-aging society 2050


In order to envision a future society without precedents or assumptions, it is necessary to break away from the elephant syndrome. Step out of your assumptions and thinking frameworks, and move one step forward beyond the limits you have set for yourself. The world changes when you change your actions and perspective.

“Well Aging Economic Forum Launch Commemoration Roundtable” was held on November 5, 2020

Bank of Japan Director Nobuyasu Yoshioka ✖️ Recommendations for a super-aging society 2050


Is Namihei from “Sazae-san” 54 years old? ! People today are 20 years younger than they were during the period of high economic growth. It is important to redefine the image of society based on the Showa era family and age image, and to consider policies that are compatible with "biological age" and the vision of future society.

Already held in 2020

Nobuki Ando Chairman, All Japan Health Insurance Association ✖️ Recommendations for a super-aging society 2050


It is necessary to create a society that takes into account the vision of future living. In addition to utilizing medical and health data, it is important to create a lifestyle system that makes green healthcare the norm in the future, making use of Japan's unique natural and cultural resources such as the rich forests and hot springs that can become green if you sow them.

Already held in 2020

Mr. Takayuki Sumita, Executive Officer, Sumitomo Corporation, Former Director-General, Intellectual Property Strategy Promotion Bureau, Cabinet Office
✖️ Recommendations for super-aging society 2050


In order to realize the theme of the Well Aging Economic Forum: Well aging, Well being, we need to have fun. There are surprisingly many people who don't know what to do to have fun. It's just like there are many people who are told to be themselves for the rest of their lives and don't know who they are. Wealth begins with knowing yourself.

Already held in 2020

 Mr. Taiichiro Tomiyasu, Deputy Director-General of the Cabinet Office   Number System Office
​✖️ Recommendations for super-aging society 2050


According to statistics, if things continue as they are now, the fiscal deficit to GDP ratio in 2050 will be nearly 1.5 times higher than in 2019 (189%). We cannot leave a negative legacy to the next generation. Systemic reforms, including social security, that match the new future vision of society are necessary.

Already held in 2020

Mr. Kazumi Nishikawa, Director of Information Industry Division, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry ✖️ Recommendations for super-aging society 2050


Aging is a common global issue, and the world has started working on it, including the WEF, since 2019. Japan is a developed country with many challenges. The world is watching. As the head of the Healthcare Industry Division, I also collaborated with the world and held the ``Well Aging Society Summit'' for three years. Collaboration, collaboration, and social co-creation across ministries, government, private, industry, and academia are essential.

Already held in 2020

Ken Shibusawa, Chairman of Commons Investment Trust ✖️Proposals for a super-aging society



Already held in 2020

Masashi Adachi, Advisor to the Prime Minister/Member of the House of Councilors✖️Proposals for a super-aging society 2050


Already held in 2020

Coming soon

Kimura Embassy of Finland ✖️Proposals for a super-aging society 2050


From Finland, the world's happiest country, to Japan. Finland has overcome the same challenges as Japan in the past. Let's work together to create a society and country where each and every citizen can feel happy.

Already held in 2020

Nagayama, Deputy Governor of Miyazaki Prefecture✖️Proposals for a super-aging society 2050


I feel that the source of the wealth of Miyazaki Prefecture, which has the highest level of happiness in Japan, lies in historical myths, and this is connected to my view of the nation. For a cohesive society, it is also important to identify the identity of the people. By sharing information and collaborating, we would like to work together to advance the Well-Aging Economic Forum's goal of building a nation and a city that enhances the well-being and inclusiveness of a super-aging society.

Already held in 2020

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Embassy of Japan in London Mr. Kotono Hara


Well-aging applies to all SDGs. We would like to work together to solve intellectual global issues through partnership with countries and the rest of the world that have the same issues.

Already held in 2020  

 Mayuke Muto  Chairman of Integrity Healthcare


Super aging society ✖️ Medical care

Already held in 2020

Takaaki Umezawa Chairman of AT Kearney Japan  Chairman of CIC Tokyo 


Super aging society ✖️ Innovation

Already held in 2020 

Shinpei Kato, Chairman of Tier Four


Super aging society✖️Autonomous driving

Already held in 2020

Kazunari Sugimitsu Professor, Department of Knowledge Materials Innovation, KIT Kanazawa Institute of Technology


Super aging society✖️Intellectual property

Already held in 2020

Mr. Robert Feldman


Super aging society✖️ESG and economy

Toranomon Forum held in 2020

 Takeshi Kuroda, Deputy Director-General, Cabinet Office


Basic policy 2021 breaking news and points

Already held in 2021

INTEGRACE's Activities

We discuss various social issues based on the ``Public-Private Policy Roundtable,'' an all-generation policy community that transcends the glass walls and ceilings between the public and private sectors, industry, academia, generations, and positions, and discusses policies to solve problems in a flat manner. We design knowledge sharing, collaboration, and co-creation to solve problems.


Activity①  Policy Roundtable “Public-Private Policy Roundtable” Sponsorship and Management

 Organize and facilitate the Public & Private policy round table/ work shop

Activity②  Public affairs consulting centered on advocacy

Public Policy & Government Relations, Public Affairs, Communications consulting 


Activity③ Interviews and article writing for the world's best investor Warren Buffett and other business, political, and bureaucrats

Interveiws and Reports: Mr. Warren Buffett, Members of Parliament, government officials of Ministries and Agencies 

Activity④ Event planning commemorating the 160th anniversary of Japan-US social and cultural exchange and Japan-France friendship exchange (@UNESCO)

Public diplomacy and cultural exchange events/CSR 


Activity⑤ Member of Parliament  International Conference @ Parliament Building

PPP (Public & Private Partnership) / MICE



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