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Representative Yumi Sato

Political analyst/public policy advisor, chair of public-private policy roundtables 
Well-Aging Economic Forum Representative Director, Food Culture and Etiquette Lecturer

After studying abroad at Lewis & Clark College, joined a general advertising agency as a copywriter and planner. As a director, he has been involved in public affairs for nine years, including marketing communications for domestic and overseas companies, business and advocacy planning for ministries and local governments. After running and losing in the general election, worked as a parliamentary policy secretary for the ruling and opposition parties, coordinating various politics, policies, regulations, etc., and involved in election campaigns. While working at the House of Representatives, he felt the need to collaborate with ministries and agencies and discuss policy and create systems between the public and private sectors, and started the public-private policy roundtable. He is widely active as a political analyst, lecturer on food culture etiquette, and host/facilitator of public and private events. He has published and written numerous interviews with corporate executives, politicians, and bureaucrats, including Warren Buffett and Akio Nitori. Based on my parents' experiences with medical malpractice and nursing care, I felt the need for systems and administrations that considered the inclusiveness of residents in areas such as medical care, food, mobility, and urban development.I worked as a manager at the Japan Health Policy Institute, a healthcare and fintech specialist, to work towards solutions. After working in communications for an autonomous driving startup and in government relations (currently consulting), he is currently engaged in new business planning and public-private collaboration for a global financial institution. At the same time, he established the Well-Aging Economic Forum with volunteers, using this public-private policy roundtable as an organization for policy proposals and advocacy in a super-aging society.


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