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SDGs, political policy, cultural exchange, aspirations of politicians and government officials


Published in the Cabinet Office White Paper! Reconstruction support: Planning a mental health improvement project for temporary housing residents, producing 6th generation products, planning a starred chef cooking class

Planned and operated a project run by the Reconstruction Agency and the Health Policy Institute to improve the mental health of residents in temporary housing in disaster-stricken areas. Our project was selected as a model reconstruction project and included in the Cabinet Office's white paper. We asked star chefs to create recipes for agricultural and marine products made by residents of temporary housing in the disaster-stricken areas, and held cooking classes and health consultation sessions. With the help of Professor Ohashi of the University of Tokyo, we were able to obtain statistics showing that farm work, manual labor, and social meals are effective in improving mental health. I would be happy if I could help improve the mental health of future seniors and disaster-stricken areas. Separately from the project, I worked with my comrades and volunteers to produce six-dimensional wakame tsukudani made by mothers living in temporary housing using local seaweed, and even produced it for sale at the Iwate Prefectural Antenna Shop in Ginza. It was published in local newspapers, including the Yomiuri Shimbun, and online, and Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Reconstruction Shinjiro Koizumi came to inspect it. Thank you to NPO Aozoran, newspaper reporters, designers, nurses, registered dietitians, parliamentarians, parliamentary secretaries, the Reconstruction Agency, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, and the University of Tokyo for all your cooperation and coordination despite the cold weather! ! (The things that excited the mothers in the disaster area the most were the cooking classes and health consultations given by the Michelin-starred chef who came to stay overnight, as well as the commercialization of kukiwakame, and Parliamentary Vice-Minister Koizumi.) And even from the sidelines, the mothers looked rejuvenated and filled with girlish excitement♡ lol)
■Cabinet Office White Paper


Japan's first Japan-U.S. Medical ICT Roundtable@Members' Hall held

Medical ICT Roundtable Discussion

The theme was "Current Status and Future Possibilities of Medical IT in Japan and the U.S.," which included Dr. Kiyoshi Kurokawa, Governor of Massachusetts, Governor of Kanagawa Prefecture Kuroiwa, Dr. Shinsuke Muto, who is working on telemedicine in disaster-stricken areas, related members of the Diet, and private companies. We had a discussion with everyone about the state of connected healthcare.

Date and time: Wednesday, December 11, 2013, 9:30-11:00 Location: International Conference Room, First Members' Hall, House of Representatives


Interview with investment god Warren Buffett

Amidst the chaos that followed the Great East Japan Earthquake, we interviewed Mr. Buffett and published it in President magazine in order to elicit his words, ``Japan will recover.'' Initially, Mr. Buffett had no plans to be interviewed by the media, but when he asked his investment company, Tungaloy, based in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture, he was refused numerous times over the phone, so he went to the company's headquarters in Iwaki City and asked, Please tell Mr. Buffett that Japan will recover! After repeated requests, they gave me the OK. Perhaps because he was so persistent, he asked me, ``Mr. Sato, do you have any weaknesses in your hands as a president?'' (lol) Although I was relieved, Tungaloy later took the trouble to call other media outlets as well. Although it was not an exclusive interview, a large number of media gathered at Tungaloy, and in a simultaneous interview, he said, ``I am confident that Fukushima will recover,'' and that is what many people said. It was released in the media and I was able to get a solo interview, so it was good. Unfortunately, the text that I personally wanted to include, ``I am working (investing) for my co-workers, family, and loved ones,'' was edited out. . Mr. Buffett is basically a long-term investor, and does not buy the stocks of companies such as IT ventures that are sold at a high price immediately after going public. His goal is not just to make money, but to invest in things that benefit the society in which his family and colleagues live, such as by working with solar power generation companies in India. In addition, regarding the form of taxation, the US government has a philosophy on the form of investment and taxation for the benefit of society and working people, such as the proposal that the US government should increase taxation on assets rather than income taxation, which is taxed on the amount of work done. . Mr. Buffett's favorite food is a McDonald's hamburger without vegetables, and at the reception there was a burger without vegetables, and he only drank Cherry Coke. (She also had Cherry Coke during the interview.) Moreover, she was very lady-first, and when I met her in the elevator after the interview, she was also lady-first, and I was very impressed. By the way, he traveled from the United States on a private jet, and apparently wore pajamas on the plane, and when he landed in Japan, he casually wore pajamas when meeting with people from Tungaloy. Of course, he appeared in public in a suit and from a helicopter. (Good posture reminiscent of a grand medal) Thank you, Mr. Buffett!


Japanese green tea at the 160th anniversary of Japan-France friendship exchange Japonisme 2018@UNESCO ✖️Marriage project of France's Evian 

As part of the Japonisme 2018 event held at UNESCO to commemorate the 160th anniversary of friendship between Japan and France, we planned and coordinated a marriage of Japanese green tea and French natural mineral water evien. Green tea is popular in London and New York as a superfood, but most of it is sold by non-Japanese Asians with added sugar, which tends to lose its original flavor, taste and nutrition. Therefore, we are planning an opportunity to enjoy the original taste of green tea with French natural mineral water. This project is based on the points of our past activities, such as asking the person in charge of Mitsubishi Corporation, which was our client when we planned a promotion for France's Volvic when we were working at a general advertising agency, to coordinate Danone's Evian. Ta. Thank you to everyone for your cooperation.


Reconstruction Agency Reconstruction Business Contest 2017, 2018, 2019, MC for 3 consecutive years

I was in charge of moderating the annual reconstruction support business contest. Wonderful businesses are born every year, such as a project to revive Aizu lacquerware using old-fashioned methods to preserve and pass on local traditions, and high school students' plans for six-dimensional products made from local agricultural and marine products, and I will be attending the award ceremony for them with the Minister of Reconstruction. I was able to do it.


"What are the aspirations and work of a bureaucrat?"      Students who aspire to be bureaucrats ✖️ Current bureaucrats held With Z-kai

I have coordinated and moderated Z-kai events for students who want to become bureaucrats. We had four bureaucrats who are friends and acquaintances come, and we had a great time! From the right, Mr. Inoue of the Japan Patent Office, Ms. Hara, a talented woman at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the one I have in my hand is a photo of Mr. Imaoka of the Ministry of Finance, and Mr. Kubota, who is currently on loan from the Cabinet Office as the deputy mayor of Rikuzentakata City. I'm glad we had a great time ☆Thank you everyone! Considering the arrival of a super-aging society in the future and the becoming borderless between countries (globalization), there is a need to change systems that are no longer suitable for modern times to ones that are compatible with the times, and the slow progress of earthquake recovery and reconstruction efforts. Considering the mounting challenges such as fiscal reconstruction, I feel that bureaucrats are playing a greater role than ever before. (The Diet and politics would not work without bureaucrats, and it is actually thanks to bureaucrats that we are able to manage even if politics is bad.) I would like to encourage talented and ambitious students to become bureaucrats for the sake of the country!
In addition, an interview article with Norikazu Suzuki, a member of the House of Representatives who turned from a Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries bureaucrat to a member of the Diet,
(April 29, 2012)


Planning and coordinating the launch of the COPD Parliamentary Federation

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD:chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) is a general term for diseases that have traditionally been called chronic bronchitis or emphysema. It is an inflammatory disease of the lungs caused by long-term inhalation and exposure to harmful substances, mainly tobacco smoke, and can be said to be a lifestyle-related disease that develops in middle-aged and older people due to smoking habits. When I was an elementary school student, I suffered from childhood asthma and chronic bronchitis. I would wake up every night with a cough. At the hospital, I was prescribed inhaled steroids and medication to suppress the symptoms, but it took several years for my symptoms to fully recover. Also, as I saw that my younger sister had severe asthma and was using inhalation in the morning, noon and night, I was wondering if it would be possible to establish a new drug to relieve the pain of coughing and a natural healing method. Advocacy work came to me, and I engaged in advocacy activities such as bipartisan COPD parliamentary study sessions and PR activities with young parliamentarians and patient organizations at the time, and coordinated the establishment of a parliamentary federation. I pray that no one in this world will suffer from coughs as soon as possible.
(At first, when I saw the COPD flyer, the members of the Diet mistook it for COP and laughed out loud.)


Japan Tourism Agency Reconstruction Support Pitch Contest Moderator

20 organizations including NPOs involved in reconstruction support activities presented their pitches, and the event was planned with the then Japan Tourism Agency director so that companies and other organizations could provide support.

Planting Trees

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Intellectual Property Discovery and Utilization Promotion Project Planning for Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Products

With the implementation of Geographical Indications, we have collected data on agricultural, forestry and fishery products nationwide, including 6th generation products, and held intellectual property seminars with the Japan Patent Office. A national council was held with experts invited from each of the nine local governments and local councils across the country. 2014~2016


Venture ✖️ Back up innovation! Launch of a project to improve corporate capabilities

The public and private sectors will discuss national issues and issues related to promoting corporate innovation, and discuss various policies, deregulation, and infrastructure development to promote the activities and growth of venture companies (currently called startups) that support the Japanese economy. We plan to create a platform to advance this. We had an open discussion with people from sectors such as business leaders (industry), politics, economics, academia, and government offices, who are responsible for Japan's future.
・Mr. Ken Shibusawa, Chairman of Commons Investment Trust ・Mr. Takaaki Umezawa, Japan Representative of AT Kearney ・Mr. Hiroshi Nomiya, Cross Point Advisory Partner
◆Theme: Conditions for improving corporate power
◆January 2013 Held at ANA Continental Hotel


SDGs✖️ Expo ✖️ Super City ✖️ Autonomous Driving Public-Private Policy Roundtable

■Speaker Mr. Yasushi Iwata, Executive Secretary for the 2025 World Expo, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Mr. Hiroshi Nagayama, Counselor, Cabinet Office Mr. Shinpei Kato, Chairman of Tier Four
The public and private sectors held discussions about what kind of Expo Osaka will be in 2025, what super cities are, and how autonomous driving will be connected to them. Since then, various collaborations have been born.

Volunteer Group

Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Plans and operates a gathering of citizens @Sapporo to think about a society with a rich and long life expectancy

Responsible for the planning, management, public relations, and advertising of the advocacy event ``A Gathering of Citizens Thinking About a Spiritually Rich Longevity Society'' (named by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications) aimed at creating an ageless society sponsored by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and Sapporo City. An ageless talk session featuring former popular baseball player Kinugasa, a former Giants player who has suffered racial discrimination, and seniors engaged in ageless activities, and a free and active design that goes beyond the boundaries of the elderly, with the cooperation of a local fashion school. We organized the fashion show, public relations, planned and produced posters, leaflets, newspaper publicity, etc. After the event week ended, I was very moved to receive a letter from the grandmother of one of the eight seniors who appeared in the Ageless Talk event, thanking me for the opportunity and for making me happy.


Participated as an etiquette lecturer to convey Japanese culture at the Keidanren Japan-US cultural exchange event

As one of the Japan-U.S. cultural exchange events organized by Keidanren and the Economic Information Center, we planned and gave a lecture on a workshop to convey Japanese food culture and etiquette to a visiting group of American social studies teachers. Held at Tokyo Tofuya Ukai overlooking the Japanese garden. The philosophy of Shinto, where there are 800 gods, the meaning of the gods (kami, kami, and ha), the meaning of "itadakimasu" to receive life, how to eat, the meaning of actions, and the rationality of health, etc., and the meaning of gratitude to the gods. He gave lectures on a wide range of topics, from the etiquette of expressing and meeting people in person, to stories about the imperial family, to the meaning and healthiness of plating, serving, and how to eat, allowing the participants to thoroughly enjoy Japanese cuisine. (It was a great success, and at the social gathering afterwards, we all sang Love Shock at karaoke, deepening our friendship.LOL)


Hokuto City Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Rice Terrace Women's Project Inspection Plan


Character design, TV commercial planning

As creative director, planned and produced the corporate colors, logo mark, character design, and TV commercials for ENT Azabu Hospital.


SDGs✖️Health management advocacy event held

Planning and holding a symposium on SDGs✖️health management. Regarding the importance of health management policies to extend healthy lifespans and improve employee well-being, we had the Deputy Minister of METI, the Vice President of the Medical Association, the Chairman of the Kenpo Association, and the Director of the Health Care Industry Division of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry give lectures on the importance of health management policies to extend healthy lifespans and improve employee well-being. A health management program developed by a startup company was presented to 300 corporate employees. This event was held as part of our Government Relations activities, promoting advocacy for health management and communicating with startup companies that contribute to it.


THE RULEs series of rules of manners that move people

Get the secrets from successful parliamentarians, bureaucrats, businessmen, and lawyers! ① Shinji Inoue, Member of the House of Representatives ② Muneaki Murai, Member of the House of Representatives ③ Yoichiro Tateno, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries ④ Taro Kitago, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology ⑤ Naoto Maki, Lawyer ⑥ Hiroyuki Nakagawa, Dream Incubator


Medical, Welfare, Food, and Agriculture Collaboration: Ministry-Agency Collaboration Study Session @Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Regularly Held and Facilitated

In order to promote collaboration between the ministries of medicine, food, agriculture, and medicine, which is part of the national strategy but is slow to progress, we regularly hold study sessions inviting bureaucrats from all ministries and agencies and related companies. In addition to serving as a facilitator, he also served as a food analyst, exchanging opinions and discussing ideas for collaboration between the public and private sectors and business creation. *The photo is a photo of rice planting in the terraced rice fields of NINO Farm, which is planned mainly by volunteers from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, in which we are participating, and has nothing to do with the study group ^^;


Policy Roundtable Round 2 - Discussion over drinks

I hope that the coronavirus will subside soon and that we can all have drinks and discussions together again soon.

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